My own example of what to say so that the wall will, potentially, listen.

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There’s a quote I repeat to myself fairly often. Such quote is:

“Pursue what is meaningful, not what is expedient.” — Dr. Jordan B. Peterson

This is one of Peterson’s rules in his book ‘12 Rules for Life’. …

We need to do something about that.

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What would the world look like if everyone felt valued?

Is that even the right question?

The way you ask a question matters a lot. You can get very different answers with just very small adjustments to a question.

Two days ago, I heard a person explain that people will…

Courtesy of EJ.

How Many Bad Decisions Can FDA Make in the Fight Against Covid-19?

FDA is a big fan of basically worthless masks, very effective third doses of vaccine, not so much. Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.

Note from me (Samantha):

Blessed be the fruit,
I have come to bear some more information regarding this pesky virus. This is another article courtesy of EJ. You can find his original piece here, and to read the rest of his articles, please click here.

The reason for this published piece is because its…

A counterargument to the original piece.

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It’s never easy to admit you were wrong, but I was and I stand corrected.
The published piece below on Alpha Males is flawed.
[Now I must review all my past work to see what I’ve missed. Great.]

The reason why it’s wrong is that I was too blind to…

Is that what women want?

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[I’m beginning to notice that I use many black and white photographs as covers for my articles. B&W photography simply have a soul that colored photography cannot match. Would you agree?]

I usually enjoy writing about a topic before doing a bit of digging to see what others have to…


By author.

Time is flirtatious.
It does not stay, there is no present; the present is constantly being robbed by the past and rushed by the future.

Our life is dependent upon time.
The present has been our enemy, but how can it exist when it doesn't?

The “present” is always or…

One of the many subpersonalities I carry wrote this one.

I typed “bitch” and literally, that’s what came up. Obviously, they are right. Photo by Mitchell Orr on Unsplash

Do you imagine if you could be the bitch that lives inside of you?

Men and women both have one.

Wait a minute! Why does it have to be a bitch for both genders? That’s not fair.

Quiet. Because I said so.

Women have the potential to be 100X bitchier…

Why it matters.

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No Echo is an unbiased publication.

Regardless of where my beliefs stand regarding Covid-19, I still want to know more and understand more.

I am sharing this recently published piece below from EJ — one of No Echo’s main contributors at this point — with truly valuable information and his…

As well as what disrupts the path towards it.

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We’ve had to forgive people in our lives and people have had to forgive us for our mistakes.

How easy is it to forgive?

It depends, right?

I’ve wondered why is it that some people have an easier time at letting go of issues and forgiving while others truly struggle…

Not for Play.

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Procrastination has rarely been something I’ve dealt with.
Usually, I just repeat the famous Nike slogan, “Just do it” — where I avoid overthinking about what needs to get done and simply get it done. For the longest time, it worked.

Now! tables have turned, oh, they have turned.


Samantha Drobac

Writing from Austin, TX. IG @cupofsam — Truth is momentary.

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