Two Groundbreaking Papers in the Journal Vaccines Demonstrate the Possibilities for a Next Generation Covid-19 Vaccine

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Note from me (Samantha):

I need to emphasize that whenever I state that the article is by E.J., that means that everything you will read is by this author, entirely. Just a friendly reminder. (Except for my obvious note).

What he shares here is nothing but great news regarding a newly created Covid vaccine…

On taking a few steps back.

Source: / This image is just…amazing.

A few days ago, I had a realization.
The realization that I am often zooming in…on ideas or concepts. This isn’t necessarily wrong. It can be incredibly useful to zoom in on thoughts that follow other thoughts and ideas and concepts and questions with potential answers. …

Samantha Drobac

Writing from Austin, TX. IG @cupofsam — Truth is momentary.

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